Marco Gerlinger

Dr Gerlinger studied Medicine at the University of Munich, at Imperial College London, and at Harvard Medical School and he obtained his MD from the University of Munich. He undertook his general medical training in Zurich and London and subsequently specialised in Medical Oncology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. As a clinician scientist at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, he discovered extensive genetic and functional intra tumour heterogeneity in renal cancers.

His subsequent work focuses on the development of novel techniques to detect and track intra-tumour heterogeneity in solid tumours in order to define evolutionary plasticity and common evolutionary trajectories in cancers. One of the key aims of his this work is the development of strategies to improve predictive and prognostic biomarker performance and the efficacy of drug therapy in heterogeneous cancers. A further interest is the use of genomics technologies for treatment personalization.

Dr Gerlinger is leading the Translational Oncogenomics Laboratory in the Centre for Evolution and Cancer which opened in 2013 at The Institute of Cancer Research in London. He is also a consultant Medical Oncologist in the GI cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital.