Professor Lisa Wiesmüller

Dear members of the German Cancer Society, Dear colleagues,

on behalf of the program committee it is my great pleasure to announce the forthcoming 18th International AEK Cancer Congress that will be held in Heidelberg, 18-20 March 2015.

AEK is the Division of Experimental Cancer Research (Abteilung Experimentelle Krebsforschung) of the German Cancer Society and with about 900 members represents the majority of experimental cancer scientists in Germany. The biennial International AEK Cancer Congress is the central congress for cancer researchers from Germany and neighbouring countries at all stages of their career to come together to discuss the latest developments in basic and translational research.

The AEK Cancer Congress 2015 will build on the success of the previous congresses with renowned international and national Keynote and Plenary speakers stimulating scientific exchange on a very high level. We are grateful to the support by the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft) and German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) enabling us to assemble such a top-ranking scientific program.

This year´s program offers an exceptionally exciting program ranging from the topics Cancer Stem Cells and Tumor Heterogeneity to Tumor Genetics and Resistance Mechanisms through to Liquid Biopsies and Personalized Cancer Treatment. It will give us novel insight into the complexity of the connections between Cancer and Metabolism as well Immune Checkpoints. We are proud to announce Keynote Lectures by Elaine Fuchs, New York, and Anton Berns, Amsterdam, with outstanding expertise on our key topics.

In the tradition of our congress format, the Plenary Symposia will provide ample time for vivid discussions. Each Symposium will give space for two oral presentations which will be selected from the submitted abstracts. Two Poster Sessions positioned at the heart of our congress program provide ample opportunity for young scientists and students to present and discuss their work to the cancer science community. Notably, the best Posters will be awarded by Poster prizes.

To foster scientific exchange in cancer research between basic cancer scientists, translational researchers and clinical oncologists, this year´s AEK congress format comprises a novelty, namely two satellite symposia organized by the AIO and AGO, i.e. the working groups on Gynecological and Internist Oncology within the German Cancer Society. Here, the working group members will present late-breaking news on the development of novel biomarkers in the related fields of cancer research.

Finally, the AEK Cancer Congress will also be the time, when our best colleagues will be honoured with the prestigious German Cancer Awards 2015 for experimental, translational and clinical cancer research, respectively. We are looking forward to learn about our most brilliant scientists and to encounter them during the atmospheric Welcome Reception.

I am delighted that the Congress will again be held in Heidelberg, one of Europe’s most famous historical sites and a city with a leading position in cancer research. The lecture building at the EMBL has a Guggenheim museum shaped atrium flushed with light, in fact following the model of a DNA double-helix, and will hopefully create the inspiring atmosphere for new ideas, scientific networks, and friendships.

Let me cordially invite you to actively contribute to the success of our 18th AEK Cancer Congress. I am confident that you will enjoy our exciting scientific program and create new friendships and scientific contacts that will support you in your essential work.

Kind regards,

Professor Lisa Wiesmüller
Congress & Scientific Chair

Professor Petra Boukamp
Congress & Scientific Co-Chair